Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne Review

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that Monster Hunter: World is one of my favorite games of all time. Be it the graphics, sound, gameplay, or a combination of all that good stuff, there are very few games that have caught, and held, my attention the way Monster Hunter has. Iceborne carries much of the same spirit as the base game, but now it’s kicked up a notch with cool new monsters and a ramped up difficulty.

On that note, this game is no joke. By the second monster hunt it became very apparent that I was way out of my depth. I had barely scraped by in High Rank, and Master Rank exacerbates that difficulty. I would be lying if I didn’t say I shed a tear after chugging my last Mega Potion only to be crushed by a tree that Banbaro uprooted and rolled over my crippled body. And he’s an easy one in comparison. If you’re used to the difficulty level of base MHW, it’s time to pull up your britches because you’re in for a fight. That’s not to say Iceborne isn’t a blast. There is a huge catharsis after finally beating a monster you’ve been stuck on for too long, and if you stick to it you will win eventually. If you’re not very good at the game, there is still a chance to get through the story as the SOS flare feature is functional. When in doubt though, have a friend tag along. The game really shines when you team up with some of your closest mates to best the largest of beasts.

This is still the same game we’ve been sinking hundreds of hours into, albeit with a ton of new features added. The Hoarfrost reach is a brand new locale developed specifically for this expansion, and it is a winter wonderland. Seliana acts as the new hub accompanying the island that has just been discovered. The devs have added the Surveyor Set which, when boiled down, is a free roam camera mode for the budding photographers deep within us all. And if you wanted to ride a Jagras, you can ride a Jagras; something that nobody asked for, but is welcomed with open arms. As mentioned above, there is a whole new ranking of monsters served to us as “Master Rank” that proves how hard (and rewarding) monster hunting can truly be. Along with this new rank comes a whole new plateau to upgrade weapons and armor, increasing the statistical ceiling. Last, but definitely not least, there is now a “Clutch Claw” new function for your slinger that allows you to climb up on monsters and rain down a flurry of attacks. All of these new features increase the longevity of Monster Hunter: World and culminates in a ton of fun to be had. For the full Monster Hunter: World review, click the link HERE.

Sound: 5/5

Gameplay: 5/5

Story: 5/5 (+1)

Graphics: 5/5

Replay Value: 4/5

Total: 24/25, or 96/100

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